About Us

Enhancing Wellbeing and Performance

Catherine McIntosh

Catherine founded Strive & Thrive after twenty years’ experience of managing teams in high pressure environments.

Having worked in both the public and private sectors in Scotland and Northern Ireland, Catherine has gained an invaluable insight into what keeps teams healthy and high functioning.

‘Over the years I have been intrigued by what makes some individuals and teams perform at the very highest level under pressure while others struggle to cope. I have studied the performance of many teams and watched some thrive and grow with every challenge while others have faltered.

As a Manager, through trial and error as much as success, I have come to understand the true value of investing in the performance, resilience and wellbeing of any team. I have tried and tested these techniques and experienced at first hand the resulting benefits of working with employees who are confident, effective communicators and calm in the face of high pressure.’

Our Passion

Drawing from a long-term interest in Health, Positive and Performance Psychology and Neuroscience, Strive & Thrive has developed a range of programmes that are designed to provide businesses with the building blocks needed to develop a sustainable, high achieving culture

We are passionate about helping businesses maximise the return on their investment in people. Research shows that when organisations focus on the wellbeing of their employees, productivity, absentee levels and staff retention are all positively impacted.

All Strive & Thrive Programmes have been developed in Consultation with GPs, Clinical Psychologists and Senior Managers.