High Performance Leadership Workshop

High Performing Leaders for High Performing Teams

Robust, effective and cohesive teams flow from good leadership.  Strong Leaders are the linchpin of successful businesses, bringing clarity, focus and drive.  Leaders and managers at all levels need to be able to communicate effectively, build rapport quickly, engage and motivate especially when the landscape becomes challenging.  Leadership has a direct result on productivity, growth and staff retention.

Drawing on lessons from the world’s best Leaders in the worlds of Business, Innovation and Sport, The High Performance Leadership Workshop gets straight to the core of what High Performing Leaders do differently.  Aimed at managers and leaders of all levels, or those interested in leading others in the future, in the Workshop we will:

  • Discover the Key Attributes of successful leaders and how to cultivate them
  • Explore the neuroscience of communication and body language
  • Uncover the essence of true motivation
  • Learn how to lead through periods of high Stress and pressure
  • Focus on how to build resilience in ourselves and others
  • Develop a plan for a high performing culture
Based on the latest research from Performance Psychology and Neuroscience, The Ripple Effect shines a new light on High Performing Leadership.  The Workshop can be tailored for Leaders and Managers at all levels.  Talk to us about how we can help you.